About us

Our values are grounded in the genuine care and love for our stakeholders. We, as a company, will devote ourselves to making sure that our environment is always geared towards providing a feeling of calmness.

Our People

We are committed to building a working environment that fosters caring, loyalty, and a devotion to serving our guests.

Our Culture

Our mission is to devote ourselves to provide the highest levels of service to all our guests, team members, and partners in our business. Great service can only be achieved with humility and genuine care for our stakeholders. We will always strive to be better.

Guiding Principles

  • Always serve with genuine care
  • We are all part of a team
  • Be attentive during your work day
  • Be prepared to say “I am sorry”
  • Be looking out to help one another

  • Be a good listener
  • Always research, analyze, and decide
  • Always maintain a positive attitude
  • Develop great working relationships
  • Be innovative and willing to take risks

What we do


Our focus is on cost containment and close management of cash flow. We provide monthly profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Our objective is to provide a seamless and transparent accounting service.

Human Resources

Buckhead America Hospitality and our affiliated hotels work hard to be the employer of choice in the hospitality industry. A structured approach to selection ensures we recruit the best the market has to offer. Our associates are supported through ongoing skills and professional development training. We benchmark by market to ensure we offer competitive compensation and benefits. Each hotel and associate is fully supported through a complete payroll service. At Buckhead America Hospitality we are keenly aware that sustainable profit growth can only be achieved through ongoing support and development of our associates.

Revenue Management

Whether the opportunity lies in maximizing rate and revenue in a compressed and robust market, or searching for additional revenue streams in a hotel in a downturn and declining market, Buckhead America Hospitality possesses the tools to maximize revenue opportunities. With a hands on approach, Buckhead Hospitality America works at the local level to keep their finger on the pulse of Special Events, Corporations in the area and all demand generators that bring guests to our area. We push the keystrokes to positively effectuate change and seize opportunities but also work hard to grow and enhance revenue. We create demand, as needed, to fill in the gaps and grow RevPAR and position our hotels to be leaders in their respective market. You can rest assured that Buckhead America Hospitality will maximize our strengths and increase the value of our assets.


Our mission at the hotel level is to continue to develop, design, and operate award winning hotels in which associates and team members are treated fairly and with respect. In our environment, we continue to exceed our guest’s expectations and continue to drive our competitors crazy! Buckhead America Hospitality believes in a hands-on approach to managing each and every one of its properties. We look at the big picture and take into account the budget and financial projections while handling the minor details. We at Buckhead America Hospitality believe in an inclusive management style and pull all of our leaders together to tackle the problems that we face together. Many of our operational procedures have been streamlined and standardized in order to strengthen our efficiency. The following is a small list of the many operating services Buckhead America Hospitality offers:

  • Daily reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Customer service improvement plan
  • Daily checklists for all departments including safety and security training
  • Revenue management

Pre Opening

From ground-breaking to welcoming the first guest, Buckhead America Hospitality has a proven system for pre-opening planning and preparation. We focus on the effective integration of the hospitality triad – management, operations, and sales – to build a service forward culture fueled by initiative and pride in advance of opening for guests. When our properties open, they are not warming up to the market. They open ready to win over raving fans operating at full speed with smart teams in place and supported by a strategic planning and operational system. The inherent promise of hospitality defines the relationship between service performance and business results. When the hospitality operation is functioning as a well-run machine, the solution for profits rests with service.

Our system includes:

  • Employment Screening & Hiring
  • Employee Training & Development
  • Banking, Reporting & Record-Keeping
  • Sales and Marketing Planning
  • Property Pre-Sell Programs
  • Media Buying Strategy
  • Public Relations Scheduling

Sales & Marketing

Our role is one of supervision, training, and coaching. We work with local sales teams to identify and qualify business potential across all segments and define measurable goals and reporting routines to ensure local sales activities are effective. The mission for sales, like marketing, is defined by the business plan, specified in the segmentation plan, and executed against the target of the financial plan. Marketing activities for branded hotels is largely carried out by the brands within the scope of their own plans as presented annually at brand events. Locally, we support our hotels by identifying marketing opportunities within the financial reach of the hotel. This includes paid placement with online media, client events designed to foster stronger relationships, and promote trial business and targeted leisure offers to closed user groups where pricing can be aggressively positioned without compromising market price perception.